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На D'log разделы Photographers и neu-real (nu-real) во многом совпадают.

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Madame Figaro series, by Eugenio Recuenco; sort of ’steampunk meets 1848′. He’s obviously very versatile, but a few of his other fashion series also show nu-real influences. Sadly his web-site doesn’t seem to have a section for ‘personal’ work.

Charlotte Corey
Filed under: Photographers, neu-real — site admin @ late at night

Another nu-real photographer. Charlotte Corey does the ‘put animal heads on Victorian people’ -thing with her series The Visitors.

Dave Mc Kean?
Filed under: Artist(s), Photographers, neu-real — site admin @ in the late afternoon

British comics artist Dave Mc Kean? has nu-real images online, from his Small Book of Black and White Lies (1995) book.

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