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Tips and Advice for Photographers and Models

Среди подборки ссылок на на статьи различной степени краткости, времени происхождения и актуальности, имеются вполне полезные:

Definitions of Terms Used in The Stock Photography (Royalty Free Images / Rights Managed / Flat Rate) (by Kelly Paal)
Practical vs. Legal – Getting Model and Property Releases (by Carolyn Wright)
Rights of Publicity For All – Model Releases in Foreign Countries (by Carolyn Wright)
Top Things To Look For In A Wedding Photographer (by Rhonda Thompson)

And here are some articles for our models:

Wanna be Models (by Roger Lewis)
Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Model? (by Lynn Walls)
Becoming a model (by Ryan Fyfe)
Three Facts the Media Does Not Want You to Know (by Nancy Hill)
The Use of the Fashion Model's Zed Card (by Jason Ramirez)
Modeling Portfolio Websites (by John D Williamson)
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Glamour (by John Lloyd)
Modeling after 50? Why not?! (by Tracy Whiteside)

Download here Sample Model Release Form (version 1)

Download here Sample Model Release Form (version 2)

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