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Photo Secrets? — How To Sell Your Photos

Make Money From Photography By Andrew Hudson

A free, online guide to the many ways of getting paid for taking photos. If a picture's worth a thousand words, how many dollars is that?

Yes, you can make money from your photos. In fact, thanks to the wonderful Internet, it's now easier than before for photographers to reach buyers. You can sell your pictures and thereby become a published, professional (or at least “semi-pro”) photographer. It just takes time and effort.

To speed your way to profitable photography, I've put all the tips, ideas and links that I know of into this section, designed as an “online book.” Everything here is for free, supported by advertising (such as that column on the right). You can read the pages in series like a book (just click on the “Next page >>" link), or jump directly to the info you want.

Following an introduction, we'll talk in depth about the three ways you can sell photography: as stock photos, products, and services. I'll discuss copyright, licensing, law, and pricing. Along the way, we'll meet people who do this for a living and hear their success stories. And if there's something that I've not covered, please let me know. I hope this is helpful and gets you some well-deserved cash.

1. Introduction
2. Stock Photos
3. Copyright
4. Web
5. Stock Agencies
6. Microstock (ссылки на стоковые банки)
7. Storefront
8. Web site
9. Direct
10. Magazines
11. Products
12. Books
13. Services
14. Law
15. Pricing
16. Bibliography

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