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Саша Пасканной

Born in the USSR, Sasha Paskanoi left his homeland for the first time in the early 90’s, spending the decade in travels between Western and Eastern Europe. Eventually, at the dawn of the new millennia, he made his choice and decided to stay in Paris, France, where he finished his study and began his career as a photographer.

He quickly began to build ties with all kinds of culture makers, entrepreneurs and politicians, such as Pierre Cardin, Paul Smith, Maya Plessetskaya, Nicolas Hulot, Raymond Barre and Russians Rock Stars like Agata Kristi, Mumiy Troll, U-Piter, V. Butusov, Zemfira.

His reputation quickly built up, and led him to work with world-class photographers, among them Vincent de Marly and Nicolas Sautiez, and many make up stylists or image makers.

Some French and Russian magazines, such as Fashion Collection, France, TV Park, Kino Park, COTE, Pensée Russe, NRG, much appreciated his work and decided to cooperate with him on a regular basis.

The general public had a chance to appreciate Sasha Paskanoi’s Work through his exhibitions: Paris Metro, Fashion decadence, Unknown France, Post USSR?.

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