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SHOWCASE International Portfolio Review

The first SHOWCASE event took place in 2003 – after a test platform named Portfolionight in 2002 – and presented the world premiere, Portfolioshow.

SHOWCASE Photography knows no boundaries; therefore, SHOWCASE welcomes the best works of photographers worldwide to Zurich. 23 renown photographer's agents with a total of more than 200 portfolios, 20 industry exhibitors and 14 up-and-coming individual photographers will exchange ideas and present their portfolios and services to decision-makers from the fields of media, advertising, photography and art.

Never before has interest in photography been as pronounced as it is at the moment. Not only is the number of exhibitions and publications larger than ever before – works of photography have also gained significance on the art market. SHOWCASE Management wishes to encourage and promote this development farther by providing an exclusive platform for young photographers, this year, photographic students from the renown scools ECAL, HGKZ and F+F will schon their latest work.

In addition, and for the first time this year, SHOWCASE supporting programs ensured with our partner MAGNUM PHOTOS PARIS will also be carried out. 

This site also contains practical information on SHOWCASE, all SHOWCASE exhibitors, the supporting programs and events as well as on the conditions for registration to the SHOWCASE STARLINGS competition.

We look forward to welcoming you – either as a visitor or an exhibitor.
Rea Eggli & Danielle Stutz 

SHOWCASE Management


SHOWCASE shall comprise three different exhibitions on two days:

June 14


20 industry exhibitors in the fields of photographers' and creative tools, production companies, model agencies, photographers' publishing houses/magazines.

June 15

23 photographer’s agents representing a total of over 350 portfolios of international shooting stars in the U.S. and the U.K., France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy.

June 14 / 15
YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS from ECAL/HGKZ/F+F show their portfolios.

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