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Old Geezer Says:
November 10th, 2007 at 9:39 pm Old Geezer here. Im the older brother of Old Yeller. Funny how a post that started about a bad tv show ended up with a bunch of college students asking advice about their future. Well, pull up a chair, boys and girls, and let Old Geezer share some of his hard earned wisdom. I envision a list, of about a hundred items, and wed have to stop at a hundred, because wed never remember more than that. Anyone else over the age of forty can chime in too; Im sure I wont think of everything.

Thats all that Old Geezer knows for now. Maybe someone older can write up another twenty-six.

Good luck with your careers, young people. God knows the world needs another photographer. With SVA and Art Center and the like cranking them out by the hundreds, soon well have enough photographers to handle all those big budget jobs that we all turn down.


Handle your rent; handle your car. Handle your parking tickets. Nobody wants the Sheriff to show up in the middle of a job, with a bunch of parking tickets in his hand, asking to see the assistant. Dont ask to leave early, cause you gotta go pay your rent or your phone bill. Handle all that stuff outside of work. Again, you are Support; you are not the star.

And I forgot the worst one, #27: Dont approach the client to show him your work sometime. Its the cardinal rule. If youre there on the job as an assistant, then be in the assistant role. Every client will ask you if you shoot, because they dont know what else to talk to you about at lunch, but trust me, they really dont care. They might care a little bit, but they dont want to see your book. The right way to do it is Stop Assisting, then become a photographer. Dont approach a client when youre on somebody elses job.



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