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47 Things People Will Pay You To Shoot

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Youve got the equipment and youve got the skills. What you dont got is an idea of what you can shoot that will give you cash. Here are 47 money making photography ideas

1. Corporate Meetings
When a team of executives has flown around the world to close a deal, the players often want a record of the happy moment before it all breaks down. Stay close to the dealmakers and you could be the last one smiling.

2. Dating Portraits
But before the wedding comes the date. Online dating has created a new demand for eye-catching profile photos and a new market for your portrait skills.

3. Cheating Spouses
The cheats wont pay but the cheated on will cough up handsomely for images of their partners in the act. Expect long lenses and longer waits in bushes but make the divorce easier and youll be able to charge like a lawyer.

4. Wannabe Models / Actors?
Theres no shortage of young women (and men) keen to break into showbusiness. They all need professional headshots. What they put in their portfolio, you can put in yours.

5. Food
Its not just recipe books that need images of tasty dishes, foody websites need them and so do some restaurant menus and any diner that markets itself. Snap away, then tuck in.

6. Corporate Executives
Its not enough for company bosses to do the job, they have to be seen to do the job too. Shooting powerful people is a unique form of portraiture that brings a special challenge and a special rate too.

7. News
You dont have to be a staff reporter to get your picture in the press. Many outlets these days use stringers and accept freelance shots. Hit the phones, then hit the streets.

8. Inventory Items For Insurance Companies
Snapping peoples sofas might not be the most thrilling shoots youll ever have but it could be among the highest-paying. Talk to an agent.

9. Cars
Showrooms need them and so do auto magazines, workshops and even private dealers. And when the objects a thing of beauty, taking car photos can be a lot of fun.

10. Annual Reports
Annual reports are one of the biggest markets for photography agencies. The bosses of the companies behind them can be a huge market for you too.

11. Celebrities
Theres always a market for a photo of a star, especially if theyre doing something they shouldnt. But you can hang around red carpets too. Get a great shot and the papers will buy it.

12. Product Shots
Companies bring out new products all the time. That means they need new pictures all the time. And by a lucky coincidence, photographers need to eat all the time too.

13. Weddings
The bread and butter of any professional photography business. Rates are reasonable, demand is constant and the food makes a nice bonus.

14. High School Photos
Hundreds of people crammed in one space all waiting for you take their pictures and often paying in advance. It doesnt get any better than that.

15. Real Estate
When a house is selling for a million-plus, what agent isnt going to pay a few hundred dollars for pictures that bring in prospects?

16. Bar Mitzvahs
Weddings might be the bread and butter of the photography industry but photographers dont live on bread alone. There are plenty of other events that photographers can shoot, including bar mitzvahs

17. Christenings
christenings, birthdays, anniversaries and lots of other things besides. If an event happens once in a lifetime, people will want it recorded.

18. Children
Children grow up fast so parents want those youthful moments frozen before theyre gone forever. The market is huge and the marketing is easy. Just get your ads around playgrounds and day-care centers.

19. Fashion
Yes, fashion magazines will pay nice sums for runway shots and center spreads, but clothes stores issue catalogs too and theyre easier to sell to.

20. Exotic Locations
Photography sites are filled with images of beautiful sunsets and golden beaches. What they lack are rainforests and Saharan sandscapes. If youve been somewhere strange, your camera could pay for the trip.

21. Exotic Animals
And while youre there, dont forget to shoot the wildlife. Finding pictures of sheep and dogs is easy. But good images of elephants, eagles and gorillas in the wild are hard to come by. If youve got some, you should be able to get stock sales at the very least.

22. Sports Competitions
There are all sorts of outlets for images of sports meets from the media to the family of the winner. It doesnt have to be the Superbowl. It just happens to be an event you can attend.

23. Graduations
Completing any course is a big deal, and when they do it, people want their pictures taken. Whether its high school, university or beauty school, new graduates will pay you to shoot the start of their new lives.

24. Authors
Ever wondered who shoots the portraits that appear on the back of every book? Thats right photographers. Get to know publishers and theres a good chance youll get to shoot some writers.

25. Facebook Portraits
Weve seen that daters and authors need good shots of their faces but Facebook has millions of members, many of whom use the site for business as well as pleasure. Add on Linked In?, My Space? and everyone else, and youve got a huge potential market of people who want to be seen.

26. Money (And Other Stock Images)
Theres no end to the sorts of objects you can sell as stock. Piles of cash is one but just browse the top-sellers at microstock sites for other ideas.

27. Press Conferences
The photojournalists standard. Not the most exciting job in the world but an interesting challenge and one thats often open to anyone who wants in.

28. Theater Performances
Actors need photos for auditions and theaters need images of the performances. Build contacts in the theater world and you should get plenty of encores.

29. Product Prototypes
Not every design gets turned into a product but every prototype needs photos to show potential businesses. Know any engineers?

30. Bands
Musicians have a huge appetite for photos: for album covers, for interviews and for websites, posters and t-shirts. Join up with a group and you might not get the groupies, but you will get plenty of work.

31. Demonstrations
Speech might be free but photography costs money. The media will pay for photos of demonstrations and the organizers often will too.

32. Art Exhibitions
Theres often a photographer at the opening of new art exhibitions, ready to show who was invited and who got to talk to the artist. Make sure youre the one the artist hired.

33. Pregnancy
Demi Moore broke new ground by putting her extended tummy on a magazine cover. Now almost every pregnant woman wants her time in front of the lens. Any reason it shouldnt be your lens?

34. New Babies
Do a good job with the pregnancy photos and you should be able to get the new baby photos too.

35. Confirmations
And if youve done the pregnancy photos, the new baby photos and the birthday photos, why not the confirmation photos too? Do you see how clients can stay with you for a lifetime?

36. Book Signings
Authors need photographers to put their faces on the back of books; bookstores need photographers to record their authors putting their names inside the books. Talk to the manager.

37. Pets
Pictures of your own pets are always hard to sell, but people will pay handsomely for pictures of their pets. Do work with children and animals!

38. Publicity Events
Grand openings, charity giveaways, competitions and every other kind of publicity event is useless if a photographer isnt there to record it. Talk to a PR firm.

39. Parades
Bright costumes, big smiles, candy-covered children theres plenty for a photographer to shoot when a parade is in town and plenty of people to sell the pictures to, including participants, newspapers and organizers.

40. Festivals
And the same is true of festivals except that they tend to stand still, letting you shoot at your leisure and from any vantage point you want. The takers though are exactly the same.

41. Art Collections
Art collectors need their pieces documented for insurance companies but also to show friends, to create their own catalogs and to send for appraisal. And who knows, maybe a happy collector will buy your art too

42. Auction Catalogs
Big auction companies depend on good catalogs for high bids. They even sell them for high prices. Youll need good insurance but with sales held regularly, youll be a winner every time.

43. eBay Items
Of course, you dont have to get friendly with Sothebys to shoot for auctions. Everyones on eBay and many of them lack the pictures that bring the sales. Now, theres a market for photographers.

44. Halloween Parties
When its time for a monster party, people spend hours preparing costumes only to be shot with a cheap flash. Find the big bashes and offer to document the outfits.

45. Award Ceremonies
Sure, it would be nice to be official photographer to the Oscars, but there are plenty of industry awards given each year. They pay too.

46. Conferences
Conferences are as much about networking as listening to speeches. What better way to remember who was there and what they look like than have a photographer on hand? Make a pitch.

47. Fundraisers
If someones paying a lot of money to attend a fundraiser, the organizers should be willing to pay you a little to give the donors a momento. Call a charity and work for a profit.




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